Thank you for making this far and taking some times to know what Strykee is all about. You probably know that, Strykee is one a free classified ads platform and marketplace.

Everyone has their own social media accounts. The recent pandemic has led people to look for other sources of income and we can see that they are promoting their products and services at their personal account. There’s nothing wrong with that but, of all his/her friend list, how many actually interested in buying what they are offering?

Why Strykee is Developed?

We know how hard it is to sell our own products. That is why we are here to help them to gain new prospects and customers and not just from a friend list. People might say that we are just copying other classified ads websites, maybe. Ones have to know that Strykee is only serving Sarawakian advertisers by its advertisement location policy.

We are also Sarawakian

Yes, we are. There is no point for us to compete with already congested and saturated big names like mudah and the likes. We are taking the Sarawakian niche to the next level. If you are Sarawakian, you will know this terms “free shipping to Malaysia” but in the end they charge you shipping cost to Sarawak. SAD!

What we are trying to say here that we are trying to help everyone from Sarawak does not care whether you are the advertiser or the consumer, to help each other. Just let the money rolling in the State!


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