List of Strykee Advertisement Full Features

Now that you know Strykee is offering a free advertising for everyone who just get started or already doing marketing for their businesses. However, do you really know what the free advertising offer? Here, we will explain our advertisement full features that will get your products to more new customers.

Without further a due, we present you the full features of advertising at Strykee:

Strykee Advertisement Full Features Free Account


In order to use the advertising platform, you have to have an account with Strykee which is free to create. We have make it super easy and simple for you to create an account with us by providing the widely use social integration namely Google and Facebook.

Strykee Advertisement Full Features - Categories

Loads of Categories

We provide unique and straightforward categories for your products and services. As of now, we have more than 40 sub-categories for you to choose from. In any case that you feel that none is suitable, feel free to write to us for consideration.


Personalized Attributes

Every category has their own unique attributes such as price, item conditions, validity, model and much more. We have carefully include those attributes so that the process of searching will be easy and returning results are very accurate.


365 Days Ad Validity

You heard that right. As a token of appreciation to everyone as part of the newly launched platform, we give a full year validity of advertisement that you posted here. This offer is going to end very soon. So, hurry up, grab this opportunity.

Strykee Advertisement Full Features - Messaging

Messaging System

While advertisers are able to put their contact numbers in the mean of communication with future prospects, we provide a messaging system in any case either the advertiser or the shopper doesn’t want to reveal their contacts in the initial conversation.


Review System

Not just messaging, we also have built a review system for shoppers to leave a review at the items they bought. With review system, your products and services will have a better click through rates.

Claim Advertisement

If you found someone is publishing your items, you can make a claim and we will investigate promptly.


Report Advertisement

If you found a misleading advertisements or the ones that break our publishing rule, report it to us.


Bookmark Advertisement

The “Love” icon is very useful for shoppers to shortlist the items they wanted to purchase. This will give the ability for them to get back to your offer some other time.

The list of Strykee Advertisement full features will going to grow

With the speed of technology advancement in the world today, we will make Strykee relavant all the way. More features to fill your advertising needs will be developed and included in the platform. Being said that, we urge you stay with us and help us grow with you. The only part you need to do is just post an ad with us if you haven’t. That is all.

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